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Welcome to the Protective Training Services, LLC website!

Protective Training Services, LLC, is dedicated to providing quality training and certification throughout a wide array of important topics and essential skills.

With an assembly of highly trained, highly qualified and experienced instructors, PTS is prepared and ready to bring training and certification to fit your needs.

Police Car Lights

We offer training and certification in:

     Defensive Tactics Instructor

     Close Quarter Combat Instructor

     Ground Fighting Instructor

     Defensive/Offensive Knife Instructor

     Firearms Training - Police & Civilian

     SWAT Tactics and Team Leader Training

     Women's Self-Defense - Physical and/or Lecture

     Martial Arts Seminars:  Karate, Jiu Jitsu & Kobudo    

     (ancient weapons)


Lecture Series:

     The Psychology of Combat

     Marriage and Family

     Stress and the Police Marriage/Family


     Police Field Training Officer

     Police Pursuits

     Living a "Life Well-Lived"

     Interpersonal Communication

     Maintaining Professionalism after Apprehension

     Interpersonal Interaction and the Police Executive


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